Traavok’s Lair

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e Module for 5th-level Characters Grave’s Crossing is known mostly as the home of Gespin Schurk, a hunter of some renown in this area. He lived for years in a great mansion atop a hill north of town. While he was always a recluse, people in …

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Do Better Things

VISION • INSPIRATION • COMMUNICATION • EDUCATION What makes a great leader? Leadership is about the future. It requires that you look beyond today and ask, “What CAN we do?” It is this attitude that brings out the best in those around you. The best leaders are always looking for …

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Taking the Reins

A guide to help you overcome your fears and be a successful leader Step into any leadership role with confidence Leadership can be intimidating. Skills that have served you well will seem worthless as you are faced with a slew of new challenges. But don’t let that stop you. Being …

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